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MakeAiml is a free utility program made to simplify the creation of large AIML files by hand. It's intent is to allow an A.I. programmer (botmaster) to spend more time thinking about how an artificial intelligence should think and respond than the markup language surrounding the responses.

MakeAiml allows a user to prefix sentences with characters designating the format and use of the sentence for quickly making AIML files. The input file should be newline delimited sentences, and the output will be an AIML document.

The program automatically formats all input into XML to comply with AIML 1.0.1 standards.

A manual is available with the release, as well as examples and enough documentation to get you started right away.

The entire reason why I created MakeAiml was to make building AIML files for chatbots easier in general. If you have any suggestions (such as support for a command you would like added) or feedback in general, email me.

Examples of MakeAiml

MakeAiml vs standard chatbot AIML        MakeAiml Program


Download the free program, examples, and documentation from the downloads section.

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